Pre-Payment Bonds

Isn’t it odd how we plan for ourselves, for our families, for our security, yet we seldom get around to planning for the one thing none of us can avoid.

When the inevitable happens, loved ones will be left to cope with all the arrangements. The decisions which must be made may be distressing and the financial burden of a funeral can be heavy.

It is sensible and practical to plan ahead. It is a thoughtful and responsible way of showing your concern for your family. It means decisions can be made calmly and dispassionately now, so that at the emotional time of your family’s loss, your known wishes will be fully respected.

These wishes can be guaranteed through a Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Bond.

Pre-payment Leaflet

Co-operative Funeral Services have over 150 years experience and you know we can be trusted to fully respect your wishes and provide a sensitive and professional service when the time comes.

So when you need us, we’ll be there …

A Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Bond lets you arrange your funeral now, at today’s prices. Not only will you free your loved ones from the burden and cost of organising your funeral, at a time when they are already under stress, but it makes real financial sense too.


Investment guarantee

All monies paid to Tamworth Co-operative Society are held with our trustees (whole of life insurance policies), so your investment is in safe hands and can only be accessed when the funds are required to pay for your funeral.


Peace of mind

Every person is different. Every funeral can be too. It should be a reflection of the individual, which is why a Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Bond enables you to tailor-make funeral arrangements and we believe it is important that each of our clients feels every detail has been considered and understood. If you are interested in the Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Bond, one of our trained, professional funeral staff will be pleased to come to your home and discuss your needs. We find it is often better to chat about these things face to face in your own home or by visiting us at one of our offices.


How much will it cost?

There are two distinct parts to our comprehensive Funeral Bond. Firstly, there are the Funeral Director’s charges. Secondly, the fees paid on your behalf such as cemetery or crematorium fees, which are normally referred to as disbursements. With a Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Bond, disbursements are included – some other plans do not include disbursements which means there will be more to pay at the time of the funeral. The style and content of the funeral is decided by you and this will be reflected in the final cost … but you will be paying at today’s prices.


For more information…..

If you have questions about our Pre-Payment Bonds then take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions page. For more information on any of the products and services offered by Tamworth Co-op Funeral Services e-mail us at or call 01827 62094 or fill in our Contact Form