Frequently Asked Questions


Uncertainty can be a very worrying thing and many people are rightly concerned about what will happen in the event of their death.

“Where will I be buried?”, “Who will see to things after I go?”, “Will there be enough money to pay for it?” These are just a few of the questions which arise.

A Pre-Arranged & Pre-Paid Funeral is the complete answer to all these questions -guaranteed!


Simply, a confidential discussion with us at which your own individual preferences and choices can be decided. Would you like to choose a particular hymn or scripture reading? Is there a particular clergyman you would like to take the service? Everything can be clearly determined and your own individual preferences and wishes established. This complete note of your wishes will be recorded with us and also kept as written record for your personal files.


After all your wishes have been taken into account and the complete funeral Pre-Arranged, it is wise to consider Pre-Payment as well. By paying for the complete funeral now at today’s prices, we guarantee the funeral of your choice – however many years away it may be! With costs continuing to climb this is a very valuable offer and a very real “Hedge Against Inflation”, especially as we include all expenses and disbursements (local council costs, church fees, etc).


Pre-Arrangement and Pre-Payment is not just for those people who live alone. It makes very good sense for most people. Surviving family and friends are under a great deal of emotional stress after bereavement and it is a good idea to have smoothed away some of the practical complications in this way.

Of course, Pre-Arrangement doesn’t prevent your family’s wishes being included and should be welcomed by all concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose to make a record?

Some things in life you can't control - the weather, the cost of petrol, teenagers. However, when it comes to your own funeral, you do at least have the opportunity to express your personal wishes

Are there any age limits or health requirements?

No, the scheme is open to anyone regardless of age or health, and is valid as soon as the full amount is paid.

What sort of funeral arrangements can be included?

Any normal requirement can be provided for and included in the arrangement.

What happens if I die abroad or away from home?

If the return home (repatriation) has not been included in the contract it will be charged at the price prevailing at the time ordered. If you intend to travel abroad it is advisable to take out the usual holiday insurance which covers the cost of repatriation.

Can I withdraw from the scheme?

Once the funeral has been paid for, a legal contract binding to both parties has been made. However, for your protection, provision is made to enable withdrawal under certain conditions.

Can the arrangements be changed after the contract has been made?

Yes, circumstances and needs do alter over the years and changes can be made at any time. Any alterations to the contract resulting in additional costs will be charged at the rate applicable at the time made.

Can I make positive arrangements in the knowledge that my wishes will be carried out?

Yes, indeed this is the only way to ensure your wishes will be carried out to the letter. Our staff will advise you what is legal and correct and we enter into a legal and binding contract to perform that duty.

Some schemes pay commissions and charge joining fees.

The Co-operative Society incorporates all administration fees within its professional charges. There are no joining fees or commissions.

Are there any hidden extras or additional charges made?

No so long as the contracted funeral is adhered to, there will be no further charges levied regardless of the time interval before the funeral is taken.

What about fees paid by funeral directors at the time of a funeral?

Fees are paid at the time of a funeral to cover items such as, cemetery or crematorium, church and clergy, newspaper notices, monumental masonry. The Co-operative Society scheme covers whichever of these is required on the basis of settlement at today's price.

Who will need to know of my plans?

The arrangement is confidential between you and the funeral director. However we strongly recommend that your copy of the contract is either left with a responsible person (e.g. the Matron of your Residential Home) or in an obvious place where it will be found before funeral arrangements are made. If left with a solicitor it may not be brought to light until after the funeral has taken place.

Why should I pre-arrange my funeral?

By pre-arranging you will be assured that your wishes will be met. Often relatives are unable to agree what the deceased would have preferred, so causing them additional anguish at an already distressing time.

Why do I need to pay for the funeral, the money is on deposit at the bank?

If the funeral is paid for, the price is guaranteed. Money in the bank becomes part of one's estate and, with other demands may not be enough to settle the chosen funeral costs. Money in the bank cannot be designated for a particular purpose.

What is in it for the Co-op?

The pre-arrangement and pre-payment does commit the client to the Co-operative Funeral Service, however the peace of mind generated by the knowledge that your affairs have been left in an orderly manner must be enhanced by the additional knowledge that your arrangements are in the safe hands of a company with over 100 years of history and stability.

What happens to the money I pre-pay for the funeral?

In order that we may deliver our obligations to you, all Funeral Bond monies are invested in individual whole of life insurance policies.